‘Entourage’ Creator Enlists Spike Lee, Mike Tyson for HBO Show

Jonah HexEvery once in a while, we all get to thinking…What if Entourage was about boxers? And it was set in Newark? And it wasn’t a comedy?

Entourage writer/producer Doug Ellin is setting out to answer these questions with a show HBO is developing: Da Brick. And working along with Ellin on the program include—get ready for this—Spike Lee, and—here’s the kicker—Mike Tyson.

Apparently, the idea blossomed from a conversation Tyson had with Ellin during the former’s guest spot on Entourage in 2010. Tyson suggested a series based on his own rise to fame in boxing, paralleling Entourage roots in Mark Wahlberg acting origins. Ellin was interested in the project, but decided to only play producer, presumably as his writing roots are primarily in comedy. Producing the show with Ellin is regular partner Jim Lefkowitz, and acting as writer and showrunner is John Ridley, Lee’s partner in a developing film about the L.A. riots. Also involved with production are Azim Spicer and Tyson’s wife, Lakiha Tyson.

So, what is to be expected from a show based around a young Mike Tyson? Well, that’s just the thing. The man is as boundless as person can get in terms of conduct—so, add to the mix that we’re dealing with a plane of fiction and we can expect to see some things I don’t think the human race is prepared for.

Source: Deadline