Erin Has an Adorable Encounter With Robert California in Clip from ‘The Office’ Premiere

Robert California may make me want to figure out a way to fit his name into a Red Hot Chili Peppers song, but the new boss-of-the-boss (James Spader) on The Office is already looking to be a good move for the NBC sitcom in its post-Steve Carell era. Though the series has its season premiere tonight, we can enjoy a little sneak peek of the action right now thanks to this clip from NBC in which we find that Mr. California is no Michael Scott. In fact I think Jim said it best when he called him a Jedi. He just might be the Jedi of small regional paper companies. I guess that makes Michael Scott the less-hairy Chewbacca? This metaphor just escaped my abilities, so how about we just enjoy the clip?

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