Esquire’s ‘Friday Night Tykes’ May Be the Greatest Show on Earth

Friday Night TykesEsquire Network

Friday Night Tykes is a new show on Esquire that will change your life forever. Now, if you live Down South, the images of competitive football for children may not surprise you. But if you’re a Yankee, or from anywhere in the world that is not Texas (better known as football country), then you are simply not ready:

When the show first premiered, Twitter was all a-buzz with rage. Is the show tantamount to child abuse? Are the coaches clinically insane? And what kind of parents would sign their babies up for this madness?

Well, the good thing about the show is that it raises these and other interesting questions. For parents who are not interested in their children getting a “participation” trophy, these teams make a lot of sense. And you could, if you wanted to play devil’s advocate, liken the intensity of these teams to the intensity young girls and boys experience when they’re in training for competitive gymnastics. The risk of injury, the lessons in discipline, the pressure, and the ultimate pay-off are all high. But is it ultimately worth it? Does it strip innocent children of their youth? Or are the children on Friday Night Tykes learning invaluable lessons in responsibility and hard work in a world where too many children never get these lessons?

These are all difficult questions to answer, and you’ll probably have to tune in (Tuesdays, 9:00 pm EST) to make a real determination. Plus if you watch, you’ll get a chance to meet this lady:

Yeah. You’re not ready for Friday Night Tykes.