Eugene Levy and Martin Starr Team Up At CBS

Martin StarrWell this is exciting. Martin Starr (Adventureland, Party Down) and Eugene Levy (American Pie, A Mighty Wind) have just been given a deal to produce and star in a show for CBS. Maybe CBS is finally ready to stop depending on lowbrow cash cows like S#*! My Dad Says and Mike and Molly, and go for something truly funny. Just maybe.

As excited as I am about this news, I’m also a little wary. The last two (excellent, wonderful, hilarious) shows that Starr…er…starred in both met with untimely deaths. First it was the sadly short-lived Judd Apatow creation, Freaks and Geeks, in which Starr played a lovable, chuckle-inducing mega geek with a severe peanut allergy and second was the dearly departed Party Down, in which Starr played an elitist geek turned aspiring science fiction screen writer moonlighting as a cater-waiter to pay the bills. He’s gotten pretty good at the geek thing. The bottom line is that the guy is funny, he gives Jim Parsons one hell of a run for his money (sorry Big Bang fans). He may just be the key to making CBS the king of nerd-based comedy if the show gets off the ground.

As for Eugene Levy, as much as I love his work in all those Christopher Guest movies – I could watch Waiting For Guffman, Best in Show, and A Mighty Wind on repeat for weeks – his more commercial roles are little more than contests with his previous roles to see how high he can raise the obnoxious bar. (See: Cheaper By The Dozen 2 or any of the American Pie movies.)

Even if Levy manages to annoy the hell out of me, I’ll bet the show (whatever it turns out to be) will be ten times funnier than S#*!.

Source: The Hollywood Reporter