Eva Longoria Backs Three New Shows

eva longoriaJust as her personal life is spiraling downward, Eva Longoria has enough work lined up for the next few months to help her forget she ever even knew her (allegedly) cheating, basketball-dunking hubby, Tony Parker, and to get over the cancellation of her pet project, the ALMA Awards. She’s keeping busy with her production company, Unbelievable Entertainment, and is working to bring three new shows to the television waves next year.

First up, Longoria is teaming with her Desperate Housewives network, ABC, and the star of the now defunct CBS crime thriller, Cold Case, Kathryn Morris, to bring a new drama called Sendera to the network’s line-up. The show, which claims to take a chip off Shakespeare’s old block, follows two wealthy families – one from Texas and one from Mexico – who are locked in a constant battle over land, money, and sex. Leave it to Longoria to mix Dallas with Romeo and Juliet (that story wasn’t just about two horny teenagers, there’s also that rather important factor of the feuding Capulets and Montagues). I can’t say I’ll be waiting patiently in front of my cable box to catch this drama, but at least it’s attempting to break away from the stale Wisteria Lane-esque feuding families that are rampant on other lady-geared dramas.

Longoria is also looking to bring a single-camera comedy to ABC – are they letting her take over the network or something? I don’t know if I could take an entire channel of “Longoria-vision.” The comedy, called Parenting by Committee will follow four single women who are forced to face reality when one of them finds out she’s pregnant. Their female empowerment leads them to raise the child together without a man – so it’s Sex and the City minus the sex and plus the spit-up? Exciting. The teleplay will be penned by relative newbies Alyssa Embree and Jessica Koosed who can boast a series of high school meets Groundhog Day webisodes for Kmart’s website, but little else. I don’t mean to kick Longoria when she’s down, but I don’t know that this one’s exactly what I’d call a home run.

Finally, she’s got Aztecs, which is an 8-part miniseries on Starz – the ugly duckling of premium movie channels. The series is a historical piece about Spanish conquistador Hernán Cortés who led the colonization of Mexico and the Aztec princess who helped him bring the empire down, Malinali. Hans Beimler, who Trekkies may recognize as a scribe for Star Trek: Deep Space Nine, will pen the dramatic mini-series. While I don’t expect it to be raking in any awards, there’s no doubt that with Longoria behind it all, the series will bring out the sexy, historical romance novel side of Mexican history.

Grab the bonbons and bubbly, because with all of Longoria’s lady drama hitting the boob tube, it’s going to be a melodrama-filled year.

Source: Deadline