Eva Longoria Pokes Fun at ‘Vanity Fair’ Cover Shoot

Eva Longoria poked fun at the infamous Desperate Housewives Vanity Fair cover shoot spat on Saturday Night Live on Saturday by playing a scene-stealing Teri Hatcher.

Longoria recalled the photo shoot, which turned disastrous when Hatcher allegedly started sobbing when her castmates insisted she wasn’t positioned to look like the star of the show.

And while SNL regular Rachel Dratch played Longoria, the lovely Latina played Hatcher, who was always vying to stand in the center of the group shot.

The hilarious skit also poked fun at fellow Desperate Housewives star Nicollette Sheridan‘s manly qualities—she was played by comedian Seth Meyers and refused to sit in the front of the shot for fear of revealing her “package.”

The spoof shoot turned chaotic when a publicist revealed that Longoria couldn’t sit next to Felicity Huffman because Huffman was allergic to the Latina’s perfume and Hatcher couldn’t stand next to Marcia Cross because the actress feared her head looked too small compared to Cross‘.

Longoria‘s debut as an SNL host was a big hit—she also played a mohican-haired dance music star, called Ms. Drama Martinez, Helga Englehart, the leader of a German oompah band, a character in R. Kelly’s “In the Closet” video and she recreated beloved TV star Lucille Ball for a Thanksgiving Day pecial spoof.

She also starred in a mock TV ad for a diarrhea medicine, which helped cure her of the “brown drizzlies,” admitting, “It’s hard to be glamorous when you’re about to launch a butt submarine.”

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