Everything You Need To Know About ABC’s ‘The Toy Box’


Inventors always think that their product is the end all be all of things, but unfortunately for them not all of them are.

ABC’s newest show let’s toy makers try out the toys that they’ve put so much time, effort, and money into. If they win their toys will be developed at Mattel and will actually be sold a Toys R Us, making them a ton of money. The first step is showing their toys to some of the biggest toy makers in the industry; Toy reviewer Jim Silver, Dylan Lauren is the name in candy (ever hear of Dylan’s Candy Bar?),   and Jen Tan is the Pixar toy developer. Then is the big step.

The kids. It only makes sense that kids are the final reviewer of a toy right? Four kids (two boys and two girls) put these toys to the test and figure out which one they actually like.

You may have missed the first episode, but this series is currently set for a total of 8 episodes.


The Toy Box airs Fridays at 8 PM ET on ABC.