Exclusive: Cheryl Burke on ‘Dancing with the Stars’ and Rob Kardashian!

Cheryl Burke and Rob Kardashian Dancing with the StarsAll the Kim Kardashian wedding drama aside, there is unlikely Kardashian (not Khloe or Kourtney) making waves in a positive way via a trip to the semi finals on ABC’s Dancing With The Stars. Rob Kardashian and Cheryl Burke make up one of four couples vying for a spot in the coveted finals of season 13. With the semis starting tonight, we grabbed a few minutes from the two-time champion Burke and there was no ‘dancing’ around the subject when talking about her famous partner or even the mercurial judges.

Compared to your other seasons on the show, what’s different this time?

It’s just a lot more competitive in that we have a lot more dances to learn. Especially this week we have three dances. My partner Rob [Kardashian] has been through a huge transformation. Of all the people I have danced with, he’s been the one that has transformed the most.

What’s the best part about having Rob as a partner?

He’s just really normal and we get along great. There’s no drama with him. He has fun with the show but he also works hard so it’s a great balance.

How has the pairing with Rob helped get you guys into the semis?

The respect that we have for each other. He really respects me and listens to what I have to say. He trusts me and I trust him that he’ll do the job. We just have a really great relationship and get each other. There’s times when we know when to back off and there’s times when we have to work hard.

What is your mindset going into the semis? What sort of things are you reteaching Rob at this point?

He really wants to get there too so it’s not just me pushing him. He really is working harder than ever. We have three dances that he needs to make sure are almost perfect to get out there and show them we deserve to be in the finals … To just really show the different sides of Rob from being sexy in the Argentine tango to having fun in the samba.

What do you and Rob have that separates you from the rest?

I think Rob is the definition of what this compettion is about. Someone who really didn’t want to do the show in the begining and proving to people he can be a dancer … this is what the show is about – the journey.

So far, what has been your favorite dance this year?

Rob and I danced a fox trot to Frank Sinatra that was really cool because it … was about his dad and I really felt like that was his breakthrough dance of the season.

There has been some coverage on the heated exchange between Maks (dancer) and Len (judge), do you take the judges comments as constructive criticism or do they take it too far?

I think for the most part it is constructive but there are times where the judges do get a little out of control. It is hard for us to recieve comments that we can’t take back and work on because we work so hard and the show is intense. We put in hours and hours.

What do you wish viewers at home knew about the show? Any misconceptions?

Just how hard we work. It is seven days a week and I think people don’t realize we dance seven days a week. Not only do we rehearse, not only do you guys see those packages every week but it’s also interviews and fittings and stuff that comes with the show.

What celebrity would you like to be paired up with next season?

Right now I’m not even thinking about that, I’m just focusing on Rob.

Dancing With The Stars airs on ABC, Monday at 8 p.m. EST and Tuesday at 9 p.m. EST.