Exclusive ‘Grimm’ Clip Shows Us There’s More Trubel Ahead

David Giuntoli and Jacqueline Toboni, GrimmNBC Universal Media

As if the increasingly horrifying monsters weren’t enough, recent episodes of Grimm have given us even more reason to tune in on Friday nights. Theresa Rubel A.K.A. Trubel is the new Grimm in town, and she’s been kicking ass and taking names since she first arrived in Portland and almost killed Monroe. But all that’s in the past now, as Trubel has officially been welcomed into Nick and Juliette’s home. However, the gang still has a lot to learn about her and so do we. In this exclusive clip from the show, we get a sneak peek at this Friday’s episode (“The Inheritance”), and we learn more about Trubel’s troubles with a glimpse at the young woman behind all that attitude.

“The Inheritance” premieres Friday night at 9 PM EST on NBC.