Exclusive ‘Misfits’ Season 3 Clip: Meet the New Guy

Exclusive ‘Misfits’ Season 3 Clip: Meet the New Guy

Corey MatthewsThis past summer, America imported one of the most fantastic products that Great Britain has ever set forth: the sci-fi comedy/drama Misfits, a television series about a group of miscreant young adults who, during their mandated community service, get struck by lightning and develop superpowers. Thanks to the holy spirit that is Hulu, American audiences have been able to view the first two seasons of Misfits, as well as the subsequent Christmas special, online for free. And come Dec. 19, we’ll get the same opportunity to watch the third season, which has already begun airing on television in the UK.

One of the new developments of the third season comes in the form of a new castmember: Joseph Gilgun, who you might recognize for his roles in the Michael Caine-starrer Harry Brown and the comedy-drama This is England. Gilgun will be playing a new member of the crew: Rudy.

In the exclusive clip below, Gilgun discuss joining the cast in the third season, touching on both the great fun he has had so far as well as the intimidating task of replacing former star, Robert Sheehan (who played the loudmouthed Nathan). Gilgun assures us, however, that Rudy will not disappoint when it comes to the comedic charm for which Misfits is so beloved.

Of course, what fans of the show are probably most curious about: will Rudy have a superpower? And if so, what will his power be? We’ve seen a vast array on the show so far, including (spoilers) some traditional powers—time-travel, invisibility, mind-reading, invincibility, shape-shifting (a few different incarnations of this, actually)—as well as some more original ones, like making people need to sleep with you, and controlling milk. It’s always exciting to surmise what a new character’s power will be on this show; seeing as Rudy is the first new main character, it amps up the curiosity that much more.

Enjoy the clip below, and mark your calendars for Dec. 19, when Misfits Season 3 comes to American audiences via Hulu. Of course, if you’re not all caught up, Hulu still has Seasons 1 and 2 for us to enjoy.