Exclusive: ‘Strike Back’ Clip Gives Us A Taste Of The Action

Watch latest TV hunk Philip Winchester deliver a beatdown in this exclusive clip from the second episode of Cinemax’s sleeper hit, Strike Back. Technically a sequel series to a British TV show, the new series follows a new set of characters; Philip Winchester and Sullivan Stapleton are odd-couple secret agents Michael Stonebridge, an uptight English Sergeant, and Damein Scott, a roughnecked American. Expect lots of intense glaring and romantic tension with some 24-style action from the series, which premiered last week.

In episode two, the Section 20 team learns that they are not alone in their search for Mahmood. Stonebridge and Scott must compete against a group of terrorists to reach the scientist and prevent the attack on the hotel, but realize that the very organization they work for may be compromised.

The second episode of Strike Back will air this Friday at 10 p.m. on Cinemax.