Exclusive: The Strokes Will Perform on ‘SNL’ March 5

Pardon me while I squeal and find that copy of “Under the Cover of Darkness” that I just downloaded so I can play it at full blast because SNL has an awesome musical guest lined up for March 5 show, which as we reported earlier will be hosted by Miley Cyrus. Now, Hollywood.com as learned exclusively that joining Cyrus will be none other than The Strokes, whose highly anticipated album comes out in 38 days, one hour and 39 minutes from the time I’m writing this post. EEP! Since I’m not lucky enough to have been in Austin or Glasgow when they recently performed, I’m just a little stoked to know that I can at least see them live on my little TV set instead of going out on a Saturday, which let’s face it, is exactly what I’ll be doing. Yeah, Miley will be there too, but adding The Strokes to this little shindig? Well, that’s pretty cool…and stuff like that.

In case you’re not already aware, here’s a little preview of what you’re in for: