FALL TV: Jenna, er, Bodhi Elfman Saves UPN!

What’s the difference between UPN and the big boys? The big boys have Jenna Elfman. UPN has Bodhi Elfman. Yes, the best the weblet could do today was promise viewers the husband of the star of ABC Top 10 hit “Dharma & Greg.”

We’ll give the UPN this, though. Of all the new fall schedules unveiled this week, UPN’s was the briefest. (It only broadcasts two hours a night, five nights a week.)

For those who care, UPN will introduce three new series: “Girlfriends,” a sitcom; the hourlong action series “Freedom,” starring the aforementioned Bodhi Elfman; and, “Level 9,” an hourlong thriller. Additionally, the network gets style points for picking up ABC castoff “The Hughleys.”

In other news, “Malcolm & Eddie” has been canceled. Remember that show? It was the one you didn’t watch for four years.

Here’s a complete look at UPN’s 2000-01 lineup:

MONDAY: “Moesha,” “The Parkers,” “The Hughleys,” “GIRLFRIENDS” TUESDAY: “UPN’s Night at the Movies” WEDNESDAY: “7 Days,” “Star Trek: Voyager” THURSDAY: “WWF Smackdown!” FRIDAY: “FREEDOM,” “LEVEL 9”