‘Falling Skies’ Season 3: The Cast Reveals Crippling Challenges, A Baby Bombshell and More

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The Season 3 premiere of TNT’s hit drama Falling Skies is just a few hours away and we cannot wait to see brand new episodes of high-stakes action and alien encounters. Hollywood.com had the pleasure to visit the Falling Skies set in Vancouver last fall to get all the inside scoop on what’s to come for the Mason boys this season and the challenges that face their post-apocalyptic world. Read on for all the sci-fi fun below.

When our story returns, viewers will quickly realize there has been a seven-month time jump and each of our characters have changed drastically is such a short amount of time. Noah Wyle reveals that Tom’s new high profile position in Season 3 ripples down to cause problems for the rest of his family.

Wyle explains, “We start with this time jump of seven months, and he’s the new President of the United States, which he was reluctant to take on, but then with this alliance with the Volm and the success they’ve been having in the field, he starts to see that he could actually have a pretty effective leadership role. But cost comes at the expense of his family.”

Tom’s new responsibilities have kept him so distracted that he’s now not even noticing that his own newborn child is acting kind of strange — and dare we say — almost extra-terrestrial-like. Connor Jessup comments that Anne (Moon Bloodgood) is going through the internal struggle of whether or not her baby is different or if it’s just all in her head.

“It starts off as a domestic issue and a character issue… but then it leads into a sci-fi and genre plot because the baby is not normal, or at least does not appear normal to Anne.” Jessup says. “She’s doing things that babies shouldn’t be able to do. And she’s the only one who’s noticing it. It’s building up and building up, and sometime in the first few episodes, they disappear.”

Moving on to the Mason boys, Jessup reveals that each brother is dealing with their own very distinct and difficult problem. “We’re all sort of dealing with our own things, which is an interesting plot that lasts pretty much for the first half of the season,” the actor said. Ben still has spikes in his back from his time among the Skitters and he now must figure out of he wants to undergo a surgery to have them removed.

Matt is becoming a full-fledged badass fighting alongside the rest of the soldiers but unfortunately he’s also falling into the wrong crowd. Maxim Knight elaborates, “I become a little bit more rebellious this season, as well, and that’s mostly because my father, he’s President now, so he doesn’t have time for me, and being a teenager now, I need my father.”

But Hal is arguably facing the most devastating problem when the series returns: spirit-crushing paralysis. Drew Roy says, “I can’t take care of myself because I can’t get around, even more so in the beginning because I literally could not move… And each episode it gets a little worse and a little worse.” The only positive aspect to this life-changing handicap is that Hal and Maggie have become even closer.

“Maggie has taken on that relationship, and we’ve kind of turned into an old married couple. She’s seeing the ugliest, worst side of me, and yet is still sticking with me. [Eventually] there’s a bit of a push and pull as to all of the effects this has on her,” Roy says.

Don’t miss all the excitement and drama in the Season 3 premiere of Falling Skies tonight at 9 PM on TNT.

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