Frary vs. Mash — Which ‘Ship Will ‘Reign’?

Reign, Toby Regbo and Adelaide KaneThe CW Network

Hollywood loves a good love triangle: Edward vs. Jacob, Peeta vs. Gale, etc. On the CW series, Reign, it’s all about Francis vs. Bash. Although it’s difficult to choose between the handsome Toby Regbo and Torrance Coombs, many viewers prefer one over the other for Mary. Fans, along with help from Reign’s social media, have created two relationship names for the pairings: Frary and Mash. While most fans have a favorite ship, we’re here to decide whether Frary or Mash will Reign on the show.

Better King

When picking the man she will wed, Mary needs to consider who would make a better king—she is a queen after all. Francis has been learning how to run a country since he could walk, while Bash has spent most of his time hunting, gallivanting with the heathens in the woods, and canoodling with ladies. Something tells us Bash’s king resume is sorely lacking.

Frary 1, Mash 0

Boyfriend Material

Sure, Francis is going to be king of France, but let’s not forget that he slept with other women when he was betrothed to Mary. Meanwhile, Bash hasn’t really looked at other women since falling for Mary. He might be a bad boy, but he’d make a fantastic boyfriend.

Frary 1, Mash 1

Historical Accuracy

Although the fans don’t care much about historical accuracy — and if the show’s plotline is any indication, neither do the writers — we feel it’s necessary to at least point out that the real Mary Queen of Scots did marry Prince Francis. 

Frary 2, Mash 1


Let’s get real: Bash could have chemistry with anyone. We’ve seen him flirt with Mary, Lola, and other ladies in court. He could charm the pants off a sack of flour (which is pretty impressive considering sacks of flour don’t wear pants). Whereas Francis has as much charm as a schoolboy in love — which is to say: less than Bash. 

Frary 2, Mash 2

Who Does Mary Love?

Although Mary cares about Bash, she’s truly in love with Francis — enough that she’s willing to sacrifice everything, including her own happily ever after, in order to save him. 

Frary 3, Mash 2

Winner: Frary!

(Let’s be real though, the best ship on the show is Mary and Scotland. A queen has to take care of her country.)