First Trailer For Spielberg’s ‘Falling Skies’ Premieres

We are living in the golden age of television. It’s the perfect nexus of technology readily available to the masses and enough channels that networks are free to expand their programming into very niche markets. Take Steven Spielberg’s newest show: Falling Skies. It’s about a world that has been ravished by an alien invasion, but the aliens haven’t quite won. There is still a formidable resistance happening and that is what the show follows. A) This is a very technology heavy premise. B) It’s a very unusual premise, especially for a TV show. C) Look at this show! It looks like a damn movie.

And yet, here we are; the show premiers on TNT in June. How awesome is this that we are given this pretty kick-ass sounding show and it’s not even on one of the major networks?

Source: Vulture