American Horror TV — The Scariest Dramas Currently Airing

With Halloween right around the corner, October is the perfect season for scary television. Thankfully for TV buffs that love a dash of horror in their drama (though maybe not the PTSD-inducing kind like the Red Wedding scene from Game of Thrones,) there are plenty of spooky shows to choose from. These series are our picks for the perfect television fright fest.

Walking DeadAMC

The Vampire Diaries

Although the main characters of TVD are usually more concerned about whether Damon or Stefan are shacking up with Elena at the moment, let’s not forget TVD kills off characters more often than Elena changes her mind about which brother she’s actually in love with.

Sleepy Hollow

You might scoff at the ridiculous premise (biblical prophesies of demons and the apocalypse? Come on.) But watch Sleepy Hollow with the lights out and the freaky-looking demons will give even the bravest person nightmares.


After nine seasons you’d think Supernatural’s Sam and Dean Winchester would run out of creatures to hunt; instead the things that go bump in the night just get scarier and more evil. From clowns to the devil himself, if someone’s afraid of it, the Winchesters have killed it (or died trying.)

The Walking Dead

Zombies. Do I really need to say more? Okay: people. There’s nothing scarier than a person so desperate to live that they’ll do anything to avoid becoming zombie-chow.

American Horror Story: Coven

Each new season of AHS is creepier, scarier, and more horrifying than those before it, and Coven is no exception. This season, they pulled out all the stops to petrify the audience—from explicit torture to a painfully realistic rape scene (like, seriously: yikes) AHS Coven unmercifully goes for the jugular.