5 Technologies We Thought We Couldn’t Live Without – But Did

5 Technologies We Thought We Couldn’t Live Without – But Did


Sound the death knell on another piece of technology once believed to be the ultimate in its field – the plasma television. For those that missed it, Panasonic has officially thrown in the towel and will end production at month’s end, conceding its loss to LCD TVs (which are invariably more affordable). Still, for all plasma fans (such as this writer) all is not lost. Just as time has marched forward without other objects now viewed as superannuated, we will learn to make do with these new (and usually better) replacements. Either that, or you could still make use out of many of them – and simply deal with the strange looks from most friends and relatives when they catch you watching a Beta tape (I kid! I kid!). Either way – there is hope! Time waits for no man (or machine) as these five examples demonstrate.



VCRs (Video Cassette Recorders)

No one says DVDs aren’t better, but tapes still have a place for many. Crazy collectors aside (known for hunting down flicks not available on DVD), VCRs are also great for kids movies.

Film Cameras

Once upon a time, photography students dreamed of having their own home darkrooms. Digital photography (and Photoshop) usurped those visions. Still, few actually print photos nowadays, which is a shame.

Pay Phones

At one time omnipresent and only quarter a call. Cost-effective – and no data plan required. That being said, most were grimier that a body shop waiting area, and, you had to share. Kinda gross.

Land Lines

Speaking of phones, land lines within the home are likewise fast-becoming outmoded. Still, when the zombie apocalypse hits, good luck with the dead cell battery.

Vinyl Records

The hipster way to collect classic music, the vinyl record has somehow risen from the grave – even after cassettes, CDs and MP3s/iTunes long ago gave it its last rites. Still, fads don’t usually last.