‘Footloose”s Julianne Hough Is ‘Rescued’ by Tom Cruise: Late Last Night

Last night, Footloose star Julianne Hough appeared on The Tonight Show to talk about the heroic Tom Cruise coming to her rescue when she was injured, and how she accidentally let her dog run rampant on the set of Ellen DeGeneres’ talk show. 

Modern Family‘s Ty Burrell showed up on Conan to enjoy a catastrophic interview: cast members try to get in on the interview, the set falls apart… Once things start functioning, he talks about tricking his daughter into liking football, the experience of accidentally walking in on his parents sleeping together, his amazing mustache, and his very odd blinking habits. 

Again on The Tonight Show, Aaron Eckhart stopped by to talk about his pretty interesting, and surprisingly weird life: he hunts Bigfoot with his parents, and flies cross-country for ten-minute blind dates (that he immediately cuts short if he doesn’t feel the “kaboom”). 

Finally, Tracy Morgan paid a visit to The Late Show to issue one more apology and explanation about his much unappreciated comments this past summer. Watch how quickly he shifts from speaking like a cartoon character to a regular person.