Former ‘Heroes’ Reunite on ‘Hawaii 5-0’

Greg GrunbergPeople have been saying since the original incarnation of Hawaii Five-0 that the series simply does not have nearly enough people from Heroes. As the tides of the world are whirlwinding away, this tribulation is gradually being rectified.

Masi Oka, Heroes’ trademark character Hiro, the mild-mannered but spunky teleporter/time-traveler, makes recurring appearances as Dr. Max Bergman in Hawaii Five-0. This coming season, Oka will reuinte with another of NBC’s supernatural wayfarers, Greg Grunberg. In Heroes, Grunberg played Matt Parkman, a constantly unsure police officer with an ability that evolved from mind-reading to general brain-control in an arc that probably was never supposed to happen.

However, for geeks of another series, Grunberg will be more recognizable as the pilot who crash-landed flight 815 onto an uncharted island, and then promptly got annihilated by a resentful smoke-monster. Hawaii Five-0 will also mark his “reuniting” (they didn’t actually have a scene together—in fact, he barely had a scene at all) with LOST alum Daniel Dae-Kim, who now stars on the procedural. In a more thrilling vein, you may have heard that Terry O’Quinn will also be stepping onto the Five-0 set this season. I hope he’ll be believing in something that everyone else thinks is ridiculous.

What other nerd franchises can Hawaii Five-0 monopolize on? Will Leonard Nimoy play a drug dealer? Can Futurama’s Billy West voice an alien assassin? What if Party Down’s Martin Starr was there? He doesn’t have to really do anything. Just have Martin Starr be there. Please.

Source: TVLine