Former ‘Veronica Mars’ Star Joins Sarah Michelle Gellar in ‘The Ringer’

Corey MatthewsVeronica Mars fans will rejoice the return of Jason Dohring to television. On VM, Dohring was celebrated as star Kristen Bell’s on-and-off romance, Logan. Since the series ended, Dohring has appeared in several guest spots, as well as on the short-lived series Moonlight. But now, he might be taking a more long-term spot back onto the small screen with a role on Ringer.

The upcoming thriller series stars Sarah Michelle Gellar, whose TV star power is enough to get all of you at least somewhat excited about this series (and if not, the sultry trailer will). Gellar will play both a woman on the run after witnessing a murder and her identical twin sister, whose identity the first takes on in order to stay in hiding. That’s right. Two Gellars. Cancel all plans for September 13.

Dohring will play a high school teacher, Mr. Carpenter, of one of the Gellars’ stepdaughter, Juliet (Zoey Deutch). Anyone who’s seen a television show or two might be willing to bet that somewhere down the line, something in the vein of a romance will be hinted at between Gellar and Dohring. And I’m sure fans of Veronica Mars and Buffy alike (there’s bound to be some crossover) will be all right with that.

The new series begins September 13 at 9 pm on the CW.

Source: EW