Fox, Announce the ‘Idol’ Panel Please! This Rumor Mill Is Killing Us


Keith UrbanGuess what? There’s yet another twig being thrown onto the American Idol rumor pyre and everyone is still fanning the flames. When will it end? When Fox finally gives in and announces the panel already. 

Until the network eases our pain, we’re going to reluctantly click every time we hear even a pinch of evidence that our collective theory that Keith Urban, Nicki Minaj, and Randy Jackson are the three remaining judges in Idol’s yet to be confirmed panel seats next to Queen Mariah. And we’re going to hate ourselves a little more every time we do it. Just give us the goods already, Fox! 

And the latest rumor is an even bigger signal that the jig is up. Urban just left his post at Australia’s The Voice, according The Hollywood Reporter. Naturally, this truly seems to serve as a confirmation of his spot at the hallowed table of Coca-Cola brand beverages, as does his ambiguous reason for leaving: He’s tending to his “other commitments.” And just as naturally, the network has yet to comment on Urban’s move from the highly popular Australian program. 
The reason is likely because there’s no ink drying on a contract yet, and thus any official announcement could shake the foundation of the agreements. But here’s what we’re saying: Everyone, including famed journalist Katie Couric, thinks this panel is a done deal. Just get the contracts signed already so we can all stop talking about it. Please. We’ll still watch the show in January, we promise. 
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