Fox Picks Up New Drama From ‘Heroes’ Creator Tim Kring

Tim KringFor most, Tim Kring is name either regaled or reviled with little gray area to separate the two.  As creator of the could-have-been-epic serialized superhero drama Heroes, Kring became a household name for many a fanboy, especially during the fun first season of the program. After its fall from grace, however, Kring seemed to disappear from the spotlight, possibly for fear of being tarred and feathered by the same group of geeks that once loved him. Of course, his absence could have also been a result of network’s not wanting to touch him with a 10 foot cattle prod after the demise of Heroes, but apparently Fox still has hope that NBC’s short-lived hit wasn’t a fluke.

According to Deadline, Kring is back in business with Touch, a new script (his first since Heroes) he wrote on spec that has Fox excited enough to order to pilot. The story centers on a father who discovers that his autistic, mute son can actually predict events before they happen. Kring, Peter Chernin and Katherine Pope are executive producing.

Like Heroes, Touch has its backbone steeped in the supernatural, which is becoming a more popular genre for the small screen each season. Fox has a great track record at picking promising new projects; that reputation coupled with Kring’s ability to build new mythologies could result in another hit for the network. However, if the world of Touch expands to quickly without careful planning, we could see another interesting premise spiral out of control, plot holes abound. Kring needs to stick to the initial plan with this new program and not let show runners and producers dictate the direction of the story. In other words, keep it simple, Kring, not stupid.

Source: Deadline