Fox Releases Even More ‘Glee’ Cast Class Photos

I may have spoken too soon when I asked that Fox loosen up on telling us more about Season 3 of Glee, because they just keep dumping more pretty photos onto the interwebs. (If you recall, they released a batch of class photos yesterday and stills from the season premiere this morning.) Then again, I know one should never complain about more Darren Criss photos, so without further ado, here are more class and staff photos featuring Sue (Jane Lynch), Schue (Matthew Morrison), Brittany (Heather Morris), Mercedes (Amber Riley), Blaine (Criss) and more.

Darren Criss Blaine Glee Season 3

Becky Glee Season 3

Heather Morris Brittany Glee Season 3

Mercedes Glee Season 3

Sue sylvester Jane Lynch Glee Season 3

Emma Glee Season 3

Burt HummelGlee Season 3

Coach Bieste Glee Season 3

Mr Schue Glee Season 3

Source: Aol TV