Fox Takes An ‘Exit Strategy’

Kurtzman/OrciThe guys behind Fringe certainly aren’t fringing their bets with their next project. And don’t worry, I’ll be heading to a confession later today for that embarassing lead.

Anyway, Alex Kurtzman and Roberto Orci created Fringe and now they’ll be heading up a new show on Fox called Exit Strategy. Described as “high octane” but also “procedural” (contradictory much?), the show will focus on CIA agents who come in to “fix” other agent’s mistakes. Oh boy I hope they say something sarcastic when they fix everything. Fingers crossed!

The series was penned by David Guggenheim. Besides having an awesome last name, Guggenheim (seriously, say it out loud: Guuuuuuuuggenheeeeeeim) wrote the upcoming Denzel Washington and Ryan Reynolds movie Safe House. Also, Kurtzman and Orci are in charge of CBS’s revamp of Hawaii Five-O. So we have them to blame for the collective annoyance of having that theme song re-stuck in our head after 35 years.

Exit Strategy sounds interesting? Maybe? I don’t know. Wouldn’t it be rather funny if it turned out working for the CIA was the most boring job in the world? Like all their agents watch these kinds of shows and go “Man, why can’t we do this? Why do I have to fill out so much paperwork?! This is crap! I want to shoot a terrorist and say witty things!” I bet it’s just like that.

Source: Deadline.