Fred Armisen Does Impressions: Late Last Night

Fred Armisen stopped by Conan last night and showed off his wide range of talents — giving us hilarious impressions of everyone ranging from Barack Obama to Larry King. He also promoted his new (and quite funny) show on IFC called Portlandia, where they put birds on everything. Yes. Everything.

Charles Barkley chatted with Jay Leno on The Tonight Show and, some praise is due because Mr. Barkley has lost over 40 lbs. Congratulations! Only 40 more to go and you’ll be back to your original — only slightly overweight — self.

Bill Hader revealed the origin of his popular SNL character Stefan to David Letterman on The Late Show. Turns out, his influence is greater than he originally expected because he learned that kids in Texas aren’t choosing to play football anymore — they’re choosing Stefan.

Forest Whitaker talked with Jimmy Fallon on Late Night about martial arts. And, well, Forest Whitaker seems like such a nice dude that we don’t even have anything snarky to say. “Nice Karate belt, douchebag!” See? It just doesn’t feel right.