Fresh Off 9 Emmy Nods, ‘Good Wife’ Creators Share Season 3 Secrets

The Good Wife Julianna MarguilesIt’s a little strange that a show that’s so steeped in relationship and legal drama, like we’ve seen time and time again on primetime television, is such a phenomenon, but from the looks of these Emmy nominations (9 in total; read ’em and weep) there are more than a few reasons behind The Good Wife’s success. Now that they’re about to start filming their third season, it seems the creators (Robert and Michelle King) are letting the euphoria from yesterday’s nominations announcement carry over because they just let a few hints of drama and storylines to come.

According to TVLine, The Good Wife won’t deprive us of the good stuff. After that fantastic Will (Emmy nominee Josh Charles) and Alicia (Emmy nominee Julianna Margulies) scene at the end of season 2, many folks were worried that the series would jump forward and skip to the consequences. According to the creative duo’s interview with TVLine, season 3 picks up right where we left off. Whew. But if you want more details about the future of Will and Alicia’s relationship, well, you’ll just have to watch the season premiere.

They did reveal a few other tidbits, however. In relation to former resident of House, Lisa Edelstein’s arc on the show, King said, “She is someone who knows Will from his first law firm, and they have this strong relationship…We can always do with more wheels! …but I shouldn’t say that’s our intent at this point, because there are so many other fish to fry.” Well, I’ll bet there’ll at least be enough suggested tension in this “strong” relationship to spark some jealousy on Alicia’s side, because why else would they put an actress like Edelstein in the role?

Also on the horizon? A bigger role role for Christine Baranski’s Diane. I guess when the Emmy nominations roll out (Baranski also garnered a nod), we can take it as word that the people have spoken. And they’re saying “More Diane, please!”

Well, I’m sure the answer you were looking for here (what’s going to happen with Will and Alicia?!) isn’t answered, but you don’t want us spoiling too much now, do you? That’s half the fun!

Source: TVLine