‘Friday Night Lights’ Star to Play CW’s Own ‘Hunger Games’

Aimee TeegardenIt was difficult for Friday Night Lights fans when the series came to a close last year, but it helps that some of the show’s most beloved characters have been finding work elsewhere. Connie Britton brought life to an ill-conceived piece of real estate on American Horror Story. Taylor Kitsch is going to Mars. And now, TVLine reports Aimee Teegarden, who played Julie Taylor on the series, is joining the new CW series The Selection, which sounds an awful lot like The Hunger Games.

Teegarden will star as one unlucky competitor in a futuristic society’s traditional festival involving young girls battling one another to the death to determine who will be their land’s next queen. Much like The Hunger Games, The Selection is also based on a book series. The only difference: this book series hasn’t actually been published yet—author Kiera Cass’ process is in the works.

The television format is likely to breath a unique flavor into the story, however. Maybe we’ll get to see a whole new direction for Teegarden and the battle games plotline. Either way, with the combination of a Friday Night Lights star and a Hunger Games-like plot: interest is brewing.

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