‘Friday Night Lights’ Team Working on Western Series

Friday Night LightsNBC realized that Community had a point: Westerns, even (or especially) on TV, will always be awesome. Thus, they’re making one happen. And who better to put a Western together than the team behind Friday Night Lights? Well, probably Clint Eastwood, or something. But those guys are going to do a pretty good job, too.

Friday Night Lights’ executive producers Peter Berg and Sarah Aubrey and co-executive producer Liz Heldens are reuniting to develop a script for NBC and Universal Media Studios. When you think about it, Westerns and football series are not that different: both exemplify competitiveness, territoriality, machismo, and people drinking a lot.

A Western series, if done right, could be a welcome addition to any imminent television season. When we’ll see this project take form is as of yet ambiguous, so we can surmise very little other than the reasonable assumption that it will be in the neighborhood of Friday Night Lights in quality of writing, and that there’ll be really big hats: both pretty good things. But no matter what, it’s definitely an intriguing idea.

Source: Variety