Frightened Jane Fonda Blasts Bush Over American Security

Movie star and activist Jane Fonda has blasted President George W. Bush on national TV because his international politics make her worry for the safety of her grandchildren.

Speaking on advertising mogul Donnie Deutsch’s nightly chat show on Thursday, the actress got angry when she was asked to explain her feelings for Bush.

She fumed, “I am so frightened for this country and if we don’t see change in the mid-term elections… I have grandchildren and I have never in my 68 years been so frightened for what’s happening to our country.

“We’re turning the world against us. We’re making people who–because of their life situations are irrational–hate us in a way that puts us in terrible danger.

“We’re so much less safe than we were and it didn’t have to be that way.”

And Fonda explained she is more than angry about America’s war with Iraq.

She added, “We should have stayed where the terrorists were; we should have focused on Afghanistan, where we lost Osama bin Laden because we didn’t have enough men there.

“And now it’s all gone back to where it was almost at the beginning and we still don’t have enough people.”

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