Full-Season Orders for ABC’s ‘Scandal’, ‘The Neighbors’


Scandal, The Neighbors, ABCFans of ABC’s current roster of programming will be happy to hear: two of their shows have received full-season orders from the network. After each show received a three-script order earlier this month, ABC’s freshman comedy The Neighbors and sophomore drama Scandal (starring Kerry Washington) have received full season orders. The Shonda Rhimes-crafted Scandal entered the fall midseason, with a 13 episode order and solid reviews from critics. Both shows were up a tenth from their previous airings last week to nab a solid 2.0 rating in the 18-49 year old demographic.

The Neighbors centers around a couple who move in to a community of aliens pretending to be humans. Overall, the show—though critically panned—has performed modestly well for the network. In the case of Scandal, originally crafted to be similar to British-style limited run series, the network followed up its 7-episode first season with a 13-episode order for season two, before committing to the final 22 episodes it received today.

Still waiting for a decision on their fates are three freshman dramas: Last Resort, 666 Park Ave, and the ratings-challenged, but critically-liked Nashville.

Are you happy with ABC’s decision to extend the life of The Neighbors and Scandal? Sound off in the comments!

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