Why Not Zoidberg?! Comedy Central Won’t Renew ‘Futurama’ for Further Seasons

Credit: Futurama TM and © 2010 Twentieth Century Fox Film Corporation

Just as Fry was forced to say goodbye to his faithful dog Seymour, as Leela was called upon to bid adieu to her mutant parents, as Zoidberg was destined to part ways with his self-respect, we must now offer a solemn farewell (once again) to our beloved friend Futurama. Sadly, Comedy Central has opted not to renew Matt Groening’s sci-fi/comedy cartoon series, which it revived in week-to-week form in 2010 from Fox’s initial cancelation.

Comedy Central shared a press release confirming that the upcoming season of Futurama will be the show’s last. The season will premiere on Jun. 19 and conclude with a series finale on Sept. 4.

It’s true, the second tier of Futurama seasons has not quite lived up to the original output. The early chapters of Philip J. Fry’s journeys to and through New New York in the year 3000 were unparalleled in wit, goofy charm, and their ceaseless output of incredibly nerdy references — the gang’s dimensional jumps through universe-entwining cardboard boxes, their accidental travels back to 1947 Roswell, and the musical episode (yes, there’s a musical episode) pitting Fry against the Robot Devil in a plight for Leela’s love all rank as classics… not to mention the very first of Futurama‘s TV movies: Bender’s Big Score.

Although the recent years have dipped in quality just a bit, we’ll miss the Planet Express staff, and the leviathan of supporting characters and creatures that made up Futurama‘s intricate, but moreover just-for-laughs, world. Goodnight, sweet Zoidberg.

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