FX & Fox Bringing Pirates To The Small Screen

piratesAs I’ve mentioned before, I’ve been spoiled by pirate movies as of late. They make TV shows featuring scallywags and peg-legged people look pretty amateurish. If the production values don’t rise to a higher water mark then it just looks cheesy, but that isn’t stopping FX and Fox from acquiring two separate pirate television shows.

First up is Port Royale with FX. Set in 17th century Jamaica, it will chronicle the country’s transformation into a safe harbor for pirates. I’m actually intrigued by this. Setting it in a port will reduce the number of ship-board shots, which significantly makes it more realistic. Of course, pirates on land are just about as fun as pirates on the open water, so I imagine there will be plenty of wenches and brawls. Also bad teeth.

Meanwhile, Fox might acquire Tony and Ridley Scott’s Pyrates for a summer 2012 series. That’s about all we know but going by the intentional misspelling, I’m gonna count this one out if it ever comes to fruition. Fox has mishandled so many great potential series it would be pointless to even get my hopes up. That or it’ll suck a massive cannon. Either way, yo ho ho.

Source: The Wrap