FX’s ‘The League’ Gets a Third Season

The LeagueThe show about a bunch of regular Joes who just happen to have way better comedic timing than you do and probably hotter wives as they join together for their very serious, epic fantasy football league is coming back next season. The companion to It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia’s late night Thursday slot is getting a well-deserved third shot at the big time. If you haven’t had the pleasure of watching The League, now may be your chance. The ensemble cast, which includes comedians Nick Kroll and Paul Scheer as well as Mark Duplass, is a lovable, dysfunctional band of brothers and according the network they’ve been coming up through the ranks in recent months. They recently completed a comedy tour around the country and though they only pull in about 1.4 million viewers an episode, their popularity is on the rise. If FX is willing to put their money behind them, I’d say the odds are pretty good. FX is quickly becoming the most outrageous network for original programming, but unlike other channels that attempt to shock us, FX actually does this well. The League fits right along with their other successes like Always Sunny, Archer, and the inaugural season of Louie. Production on the third season starts this summer and it will premiere in the fall right along with football season.

Source: TV Guide