‘Game of Thrones’ Adds Three New Castmembers

Robert PughI feel as if being added of the Game of Thrones cast is becoming a widespread rite of passage for European actors. Three new denizens of the large and small screen signed on to the HBO series’ second season. Taking on the character of Craster will be Robert Pugh (Robin Hood, The Ghost Writer). Craster is a polygamous wildling, and father (and husband, so prepare for that) to Gilly, who will be portrayed by Hannah Murry (the UK’s Skins). Finally, Michael McElhatton (Intermission, Fifty Dead Men Walking) is taking the role of Roose Bolton, soft-spoken but ruthless Lord of the Dreadfort with a propensity for leeching remedies.

With every cast amendment we hear about, it seems that the second season of already stimulating Game of Thrones becomes more and more promising. There are doubtlessly still characters yet to be cast, so prepare for a continuous rise in excitement.

Source: EW