‘Game of Thrones’ Superfans are Naming Their Children Khaleesi

Credit: HBO

It appears that some parents have royal ambitions for their children. Over the past year, 146 babies in the U.S. have been named Khaleesi, The Sun reports. Obviously inspired by the Game of Thrones book series and TV show, the name means “queen” in the made-up language of Dothraki.

Parents naming their children after fictional characters isn’t all that unusual, but what makes Khalessi unique is that it’s not even a name, but the title Daenerys Targaryan assumes. Now, there are pluses and minuses to being named after this particular Game of Thrones character. The positive side? Being able to call yourself the Mother of Dragons, duh. The negative? Having to explain what Game of Thrones is to your grandchildren years from now, when nobody cares about it anymore (is that sacrilege?  Sorry, but, great as it is, the jury is still out on the staying power of this particular franchise).

But hey, at least it’s a better name than North.

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