‘Game of Thrones’ First Look: New Poster Declares ‘War’!

There’s just one month (plus this stupid extra day) until Game of Thrones comes back to HBO for its second, doubtlessly thrilling season. As we reflect back upon Season 1, our questions pile up. Ned Stark’s fate is a mystery. Jon Snow has some tough decisions to make. The Lannisters may soon fall from prominence. And the Targaryens might once again find power. And ultimately, the crown will be seized…but by whom?

The new poster might not be much different from the last one we saw, but as long as it gets you thinking about Game of Thrones, how can you really take much issue with it? As the recently released behind-the-scenes video for GoT Season 2 assures us, only incredible things will come from this point forward.
With so many individuals suggested by the show to be in contention for the kingdom (Ned, Daenerys, Rennly Baratheon, Jamie and Tyrion Lannister), there seems to be no deficit of exciting stories ahead of us. The first season’s finale breeds nothing but anticipation. War is coming in Game of Thrones Season 2, and that couldn’t be more invigorating.


Source: EW