What’s Worse: A ‘Game of Thrones’ Nipple-ectomy or The ‘Girls’ Bloody Q-Tip? — PICS

Game of Thrones Nipple Cut Off Season 3

Is it possible that Girls, a dramatic comedy series about twentysomethings living in Brooklyn, could outgross its HBO brethren, Game of Thrones? Well, that depends on your perspective. 

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When the fantasy series returned on Sunday night, it went out with a bang. Or should we say “a slice”? In the final scene, Daenerys (Emilia Clarke) is in the market for an army to help her take the Iron Throne for herself. But she can’t have just any gaggle of mercenaries; she needs the most ruthless killers possible (what with the Dothraki and their woozy tummies upchucking all over her ship). When the war lord du jour sees she’s balking at the tenacity of his warriors for hire, he decides there’s only one way to prove just how effective these fighters are. As he talks about how they’ve all been robbed of their manhood (which, as disgusting as it is, doesn’t truly come as a shock), he casually lifts up an armor flap on one his men, and as casually as one would show off a new brooch or bauble, the warlord sticks a knife into the unlucky warrior’s nipple and quickly sliced the whole damn thing off. The warrior is unfazed and Dany is terrified and intrigued. The rest of us at home were, for lack of a better term, losing our mother-loving minds. 

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Girls Q Tip Injury Lena Dunham

As the immediate appointment TV replacement for HBO’s Girls, we couldn’t help but think back to the second-to-last episode of Lena Dunham’s darling TV baby, in which Dunham’s Hannah lets her anxiety run so rampant she ruptures her own ear drum with a Q Tip. Just typing that turned my stomach, memories of the gutterally violent popping sound and Hannah’s subsequent squealing rushing back into my brain. The nippel-ectomy was shocking, but the Q Tip moment was perhaps a little too close too home. (We’ve all got some Q Tips in our medicine cabinets, but how many of us find ourselves working for ruthless warlords with iron stomachs these days?) 

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Game of Thrones Nipple Cut Off

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