‘Game of Thrones’ Secrets of Season 2

Game of ThronesIn a recent interview, Game of Thrones executive producer/co-creator D.B. Weiss offered his unique insight into the series — and shed some light on the upcoming second season.

First and foremost — or maybe not — more visual effects: “Visual effects definitely play a much bigger role in the show this season than it did last season … We have such an amazing group of visual effects artists this year that you’re sometimes hard-pressed to remember what was real and what was added in later.”

He also weighed in on the battle of the Battle of Blackwater (and its much-discussed run time), expected toward the end of the season: “All I can say is that if I can’t quote you a number and [co-creator] David [Benioff] can’t quote you a number about how many minutes the battle sequence is in that episode, then nobody else can either. … We never thought about it in terms of ‘We need X minutes of this or X minutes of that.’ … I’ve watched this episode through maybe 15 times. We certainly couldn’t put a number [of minutes] on it.”

Finally, on a presumed third season, well, stop presuming, fans! “I should point out that we don’t have a greenlit Season 3 yet,” says Weiss. “It’s not a foregone conclusion in our minds.”

To help Weiss and Co. reach that third-season pickup, tune in to the season 2 premiere April 1 on HBO.

Source: L.A. Times