Slightly Less Dickish Alternatives for Ygritte’s Catchphrase ‘You Know Nothing, Jon Snow’

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This post contains spoilers for the most recent episode of Game of Thrones.

Just as we were recovering from the death of Oberyn Martell, another fan favorite met her untimely end on this week’s Game of Thrones. The Wildlings finally mounted their attack on Castle Black, and Ygritte finally found Jon Snow, intent on murdering him as revenge for breaking her heart, betraying her and the rest of the Wildlings and defecting back to the Night’s Watch. Unfortunately, as we’ve learned all too recently, plots of vengeance rarely go well in Westeros, and Ygritte’s hesitance to kill Jon resulted in her getting an arrow through the heart.

During her time on Game of Thrones, Ygritte was known for three things: her red hair, her fearless attitude, and her constant need to remind Jon that he knows nothing. She even used her final words to drive the point home with one last “You know nothing, Jon Snow.” But while they may have been fitting last words for Ygritte, they had to be harsh for Jon to hear as his love died in his arms. It’s not the first time that Ygritte’s used that phrase at the wrong time, and she’s often used it to bluntly make a point, when other words would have been just as effective, and not nearly as rude. So what should she have said instead? We have a few ideas:

The First Time – Season 2, Episode 7
After Ygritte is captured by Jon Snow after a raid, she lectures him about why the Free Folk are better than the rest of Westeros, and taunts him about his inexperience with women.
What She Says: “You know nothing, Jon Snow.”
What She Should Have Said: “You think that you can take me prisoner just because you’re a Crow, but that doesn’t give you the right to do whatever you want. Our society functions a lot better than yours does, but because you have a king and a Wall you think you’re superior. Also, I’m really upset that you’ve taken me hostage, but I’m starting to feel like there might be something between us, and I feel we should explore that possibility.”

The Second Time – Season 3, Episode 5
Jon and Ygritte hide out in a cave so they can be alone, and she attempts to convince him to prove that he’s no longer a “Crow” by breaking his vow of chastity.
What She Says: “You know nothing, Jon Snow.”
What She Should Have Said: “Apparently, you know a few things, Jon Snow, and I shouldn’t have jumped to conclusions just because you’re inexperienced and spend all of your time in a giant castle with nothing but other men and snow. Also, there is definitely something between us, and we should definitely continue to explore it further.”

The Third Time – Season 3, Episode 7
After the Wildlings scale the Wall, they prepare to make their attack on Castle Black. As they wait, Jon attempts to dissuade Ygritte from attacking, telling her that Mance’s army will fail just as every Wildling army before them did.
What She Said: “You know nothing, Jon Snow.”
What She Should Have Said: “You know, everyone thinks you’re still not on our side and when you say things like that, it makes me question you as well. You might know the North, but you don’t know us and what we’re capable of and we’re going to win and then you and I can live in your castle together as Free Folk. Just trust me on this.”

The Fourth Time – Season 3, Episode 10
After it’s revealed that Jon is still loyal to the Night’s Watch, Ygritte confronts him over his betrayal. He admits that he loves her, but that he is ultimately loyal to his Brothers and needs to go back to them, so she shoots him with three arrows.
What She Says: “You know nothing, Jon Snow.”
What She Should Have Said: “I don’t care what your reasons are, you lied to me and your betrayed me and you broke my heart. I don’t think I’m ever going to be able to forgive you, so please stop acting like we can just move past this and everything will be okay, even though you’re going to sell out my friends and family. I sincerely hope one of these arrows pierces your heart. Good day, sir.”

The Fifth Time – Season 4, Episode 9
Jon and Ygritte’s reunion is interrupted by Olly shooting her with an arrow, and as she lays dying in his arms, they reminisce about the cave. Jon promises that they’ll get back there one day.
What She Says: “You know nothing, Jon Snow.”
What She Should Have Said: “I’ve very clearly about to die here, and while I appreciate your attempts to comfort me in my final moments, we both know that what you’re saying is garbage, so how about I just bleed out in peace while you brood over my lifeless body. I’m going to miss you, Jon Snow.”