Gary Busey Wants to Be Trump’s Vice President: Late Last Night

Gary Busey admitted to Leno that if Donald Trump were to win the nomination for the Republican presidential candidate he would gladly run as his Vice President. Ladies and Gentlemen, this was only the third craziest thing he said during the interview. I present to you the entire interview for your pleasure and education. Please sit back and marvel at our generation’s greatest genius. Gary Busey, folks.

An interview with Daymon Wayans Jr. sounds exciting right? And yet Jimmy Fallon managed to make the sign-off somewhat entertaining. I think Fallon is starting to win late night, folks.

On Conan, Jack McBrayer actually managed to put Conan in his place. It was quite funny, but the best bit comes when Jack shared his Tracy Morgan stories. I think it would be kind of hard to top any Tracy Morgan story, but McBrayer’s is especially humorous, my good lad!