George Clooney Liked to Mess with Walter Cronkite: Late Last Night

Last night, George Clooney stopped by The Late Show to talk about pranking a 90 year-old Walter Cronkite at his Italian villa to the point of getting him to (drunkenly) jump in his lake.

Hugh Jackman appeared on The Daily Show to talk about getting punched in the stomach by Sugar Ray Leonard, and how all the non-dangerous movies he tries to get involved with always get canceled.  

Will Arnett showed up on Jimmy Kimmel Live! to reveal that his mother was clearly not a fan of Arrested Development, and to find out that he inadvertently insulted just about every member of the Jimmy Kimmel Live! crew through different scenes of his new sitcom, Up All Night.


Finally, Evan Rachel Wood visited Late Night to talk about getting her tooth knocked out on her birthday, and the crowd of screaming girls perpetually following Ryan Gosling.