Getting On Board For ‘Stars in Danger: The High Dive’ 

ALTHollywood D-listers: is there anything they can’t do? They dance, they skate — sometimes they even cook. But now they are taking the next step, literally, onto a diving board. Tonight is the two-hour premiere of the special Stars in Danger: The High Dive on Fox (of course), in which celebrities learn complicated, Olympic-style dives with the help of Olympic medalist Troy Dumais — and then must perform them in a competition, in which the best divers move on to the next round. (You pretty much know how this reality thing works by now.) 

Of course, Stars in Danger: The High Dive, which is ushering in a new wave (get it?!) of reality TV, is not to be mistaken with ABC’s upcoming series Celebrity Divers in which celebrities learn complicated, Olympic-style dives and then must perform them in a competition, in which the best divers move on. Okay, so they are the same thing. But, hey, this one got here first and has a far more hilarious name. 
Before these celebrities walk the plank — er, get up on the high dive to belly flop their way into our homes, hearts, and ultimately oblivion, we wanted to give you the full rundown before you tune in tonight. 
“Stars” You’ll Recognize: Jenni ‘J-WOWW’ Farley of Jersey Shore is arguably the most currently famous one of the bunch, if that doesn’t tell you everything right there. There’s also Antonio Sabato Jr., Terrell Owens, Bethany Hamilton, Alexandra Paul, “Twitch” from So You Think You Can Dance, and Real Housewives stars Kim Richards and Kyle Richards
You’ll Like It If: Skating with the Stars was a little too highbrow for your taste. 
Top 5 Reasons You Might Want to Watch: The very good possibility that one of the competing stars will endure a painful cannonball or belly flop; Antonio Sabato Jr. in a Speedo; you get a kick out of schadenfreude (after all, this special is borrowed from a German reality TV format); you think the People’s Choice Awards airing over on CBS are rigged anyway; you’re actually a diver/fan of diving and are legitimately intrigued to see how these celebs fair in the sport. 
5 Reasons You Might NOT Want to Watch: Prosperity, love, your children, your children’s children, hope for any remaining shred of dignity for yourself and the rest of the country. 
Love it, or Leave it?  Love it if you will take any sort of reality television fix you can get or need something to tide you over until Celebrity Diving, leave it if you find reality television competitions more grating than swimmer’s ear. 
[Photo credit: Jordin Althaus/FOX]

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