Giddish And Pino To Replace Meloni And Hargitay On ‘Law and Order: SVU’

Danny PinoI pity any duo that takes the place of Stabler and Benson. Kelly Giddish and Danny Pino—the pair set to play the major roles in Law & Order: SVU after Christopher Meloni’s departure and Mariska Hargitay’s gradual transition offscreen—may very well be terrific actors. They could bring audiences to tears on the first night of the thirteenth season, sweep the Emmys for the next decade, and single-handedly redefine the genre. But they’d never live up to their immortal predecessors. All of the people I know who watch SVU—and it’s a large and diverse group—don’t just watch SVU like they do most other crime procedurals. SVU is less about the crime, and more about watching every episode with hope that this might one of those where Elliot and Olivia get one step closer to revealing how they feel about each other. And that’s been going on for twelve years. Imagine the sort of dedication these fans have to have to hang onto a relationship that has barely given us anything for twelve years! That sort of devotion is only allotted to certain characters. And the characters that replace those characters…let’s just say, they’ve already got spite against them.

But ill-fated roles aside, Giddish and Pino are no strangers to the crime procedural. Giddish made guest appearances on SVU and Law & Order: Criminal Intent, as well as starring in 2010’s Chase. Pino filled roles in Law and Order’s rival franchise, CSI: New York, as well as Cold Case and The Shield.

Maybe I’m being a little stubborn. I, too, went through an “Ellivia” phase. After all, the incoming players are well-experienced in procedural television, and the not-entirely-absent Hargitay will help to make the transition more gradual. All in all, I wish Giddish and Pino luck.

But I’ll always be pulling for a Stabler-Benson reunion… Seriously. They belong together.

Source: Huffington Post