How Do We Feel About Riley Matthews’ New Love Interest in ‘Girl Meets World’?

Girl Meets World


There’s a reason we all grew up loving Boy Meets World. It is because, while the rest of television’s leading males were handsome, debonair, quick-witted, and handy with a torque wrench, Cory Matthews was, instead, average. Average in looks, in smarts, in “cool,” in just about every facet. Cory was the everyman. And Topanga, beautiful though she may have been and academically proficient to boot, was hardly your idea of Hollywood attractive. The pair was different from anything else you’d find on television at the time… or now. It was something in which the series might have taken pride. Now, in the construction of young Riley Matthews’ budding love life on the upcoming spinoff Girl Meets World, we find one Peyton Meyer cast. The acting newcomer will play Riley’s romantic interest Tristan Friar… and we’re not sure how to feel about it.

We’re not going to denounce Meyer before even giving him a chance on screen. For all we know, he could have the comic chops or the dorky charm of Ben Savage. But obviously, this kid has got the sort of appearance that showbiz champions. His traditional good looks could land him a spot on any television show about young love, which seems to land Girl Meets World a far cry from the “average Joe” ambiance presented by its predecessor.

This isn’t necessarily a terrible thing. Maybe as the Topanga to Riley’s Cory, Tristan is meant to present an alternative to the small screen trope of the schlubby guy vying for (and winning) the trophy girlfriend. Or maybe, quite simply, he’s just a talented young actor who was the best possible candidate for the job. Only our return to Philly will provide the answer.

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