‘Girls’ Season 2 Trailer: Anything Could Happen 

ALTThe Girls are back in town. The trailer for Season 2 of HBO’s divisive, daring Emmy-nominated comedy has been released and it looks like things are somehow both very different and exactly the same. (If that doesn’t perfectly encapsulate what the 20s feel like, I don’t know what does.) 

Newly single Hannah (Lena Dunham) seems to be on the right track by distancing herself from “sociopath,” possibly “murder-y” ex-boyfriend Adam (Adam Driver) and maturing. (In the clip, she declares she’s looking for a “kind, sexy responsible boyfriend I’ve always wanted, but never had.” That boyfriend is played by Patrick Wilson, who certainly fills the sexy requirement). How long that revelation will last remains to be seen until the season starts, as Adam seems hell-bent on breaking back into her heart. And her apartment. 
Elsewhere, the “deflowered, but not devalued” Shoshanna (the underrated Zosia Mamet) is still galavanting with the relentlessly annoying Ray (Alex Karpovsky), Jessa (Jemima Kirke) is back from her honeymoon with her practical stranger of a husband Thomas John (Chris O’Dowd), and a jobless, boyfriend-less Marnie (Allison Williams) is still trying to figure it all out and perhaps reconcile with Charlie (Christopher Abbott). The joyous two-minute clip is certainly rewatchable for any Girls fan, if only to spot all the returning stars (Andrew Rannells, Jorma Taccone) and newcomer cameos (Rita Wilson as Marnie’s judgmental mom). 
Anything could happen during Season 2 of Girls, which premieres on Sunday, Jan. 13 at 9 PM ET on HBO. Hopefully not Hannah getting murdered by Adam. Watch: 
[Photo credit: HBO] 

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