‘Girls’ Season 3 Trailer Shows Big Changes for Hannah, Adam, Shoshanna, and Even Ray

Lena Dunham, GirlsHBO

The new season of Girls, which will air starting January 12 of next year, just released a behind-the-scenes look at the production. The video is only a few minutes long, but it reveals plenty about where all four girls (and the three boys) ended up after Adam (Adam Driver) reunited with Hannah (Lena Dunham) at the end of Season 2. 

Dunham and the rest of the cast don’t hold back about what their characters are experiencing in the new season. The big news: Hannah is finally getting it together. She’s repaired her relationship with the publisher, seems to have her anxiety under control, and is back together with Adam. No word on whether or not that relationship will sour, but something keeps drawing the two back together (maybe it’s Driver’s fantastic/albeit sometimes terrifying performance). A happy Hannah is usually a smug Hannah, which can lead to an annoying Hannah, but it’s nice to see the character actually accomplish something rather than have more indignities heaped upon her. 

Jessa still seems to be floating aimlessly through life and heartbreak, while Shoshanna experiments with promiscuity (including some unfortunate looking dorm room top bunk action). Dunham also insists that they’ve come up with some sharper hair and makeup for poor Shosh. Hopefully she’s right, as that donut joke in the SNL parody was too true. Even Ray, the layabout 30-something, has gotten himself together in the wake of his breakup with Shoshanna. While the others flounder or have small successes, he’s become an entrepaneur, running Grumpy’s and opening a new coffee shop/pizza place. 

Marnie continues to get the shaft, once again starting the season dumped by Charlie, though this time it’s not really her fault, as it’s due to the Christopher Abbott’s departure at the beginning of shooting. Unfortunately, that means we have to endure another whole season of Depressed!Marnie, an entity that was wearing remarkably thin by the end of last season. And, judging from the nature of some of these clips, it looks like (once again) she’ll be seeking emotional refuge in her appearance and working as a barista instead of a hostess. Man, somebody get Marnie some self confidence and a non-menial job, please.

Check out the video below: