‘Glass House’ Update: Judge Rejects ABC’s Request for More Time

ALTThe ongoing drama between ABC and CBS over their similar reality shows deserves its own show. Earlier today a judge denied ABC’s request for more time to respond to CBS’ retraining order. The network responsible for Big Brother is hoping to stop production on The Glass House, an ABC series they deem too close to their own hit show.

With The Glass House set to debut in only a matter of days — June 18 — ABC is hoping to delay the hearing until after the show airs. But the judge is forcing ABC’s hand to respond to the restraining order by Monday evening, dealing a blow to the network’s apparent strategy to drag out the case.

ABC has refuted the claims of similarities between the two shows, but has yet to provide an advanced copy as proof. In their court document CBS further asked “if the Court is not willing to order Defendants to cease production of Glass House at this time, CBS respectfully requests that, at a minimum, the Court order Defendants to produce the first taped episode of Glass House by June 15, 2012 to allow CBS’s counsel to evaluate its contents, and to allow the parties to address it in any further briefing regarding CBS’s request for a preliminary injunction.” 

The move leaves open the possibility of a hearing next week ahead of the premiere. If ABC’s lawyers have their way, CBS will have to watch the show on TV along with everyone else.


Photo Credit: ABC


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