‘Glee’ Cast Sings David Bowie’s ‘Fashion’ For Fashion’s Night Out

They’ve performed hits of some of the greatest artists in music history — Madonna, Lady Gaga, Katy Perry — and now it’s David Bowie’s turn. The Glee cast got to perform Bowie’s hit song Fashion to promote this year’s Fashion’s Night Out, and by the looks of this teaser video, Gleeks are not going to be disappointed. Giving a true salute to the fashion industry, the ladies are looking fabulous (who knew Brittany knew her left from her right?) while the guys look especially hunk worthy. Based on the clip, it even looks like Sue Sylvester makes a cameo appearance in the video as well, so yay! There’s only one little problem though (true Gleeks will notice it right away): where are Mercedes and Santana?! Am I going blind or are they completely MIA in this video? This greatly concerns me because that means Bowie’s song is going to be missing out on some serious diva vocals from these two powerhouses. Hopefully the filming didn’t take place on the day  the promo video was shot, so we won’t be two Glee members short of perfection. Check out the video and get in touch with your passion for Fashion:

Source: NY Mag