‘Glee’ Casts Rachel Berry’s Two Dads

‘Glee’ Casts Rachel Berry’s Two Dads

'Glee'(Season 3): Lea Michele
Lea Michele on Fox's 'Glee'(Season 3)

Jeff GoldblumThe latest episode of Glee may have been a giant slap in the face to those of us who stayed faithful to the show through its ups and downs, but it seems the producers are getting something right. They just cast Rachel Berry’s (Lea Michele) two gay dads, and while I always hoped to see Taye Diggs and Hugh Jackman nab the roles (Diggs especially since his real life wife plays Rachel’s birth mother), the series has landed on two well-chosen actors. Jeff Goldblum and Broadway legend Brian Stokes Mitchell will be in the stands watching Rachel graduation from McKinley this year as Hiram and LeRoy Berry.

The couple will crop up first on the Valentine’s Day episode, on Feb. 14, where they will sing a duet. Though we all know Mitchell as a Broadway star, what with his numerous Tony nominations and one very big win for Kiss Me Kate in 2000, Goldblum is actually pretty musically inclined as well. He’s a jazz pianist and he got his big break on Broadway in Two Gentleman in Verona in 1971. So don’t worry, Berry-fans. Rachel’s papas aren’t necessarily played by the actors we’d all chosen in our heads, but they are certainly up to the task and they’ve got stage credits to boot.

What do you think of the actors chosen to play Rachel’s dads? Are they all wrong? Maybe just alright?

Source: TVLine